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Just because your Plan of Correction is approved does not mean it is the best fit for your agency. The right Plan of Correction can either support your agency to thrive or create loads of unnecessary costly required actions. Our experienced consulting staff creates Plan of Corrections that are accepted by the regulatory body specific to each agency’s operation without obligating the agency to unnecessary burdens.

Set your agency up for success and be on the right track adequately prepared for future surveys.

Pricing is dependent upon the total number of deficiencies documented on the deficiency report and the time frame required to complete the plan of correction.


  1. Fax your deficiency report to 713-995-8169 (Include fax cover with Contact Name, Phone Number and Email) or; Email your deficiency report to (Provide Contact Name and Phone Number).
  2. We will evaluate the deficiency report and provide an estimate on cost for a completed Plan of Correction.

The best way to avoid being cited and fined by the regulatory body is to identify the problems and generate a corrective action plan prior to survey. A corrective action plan (or “CAP” for short) is a step-by-step plan that is implemented to address specific shortcomings or errors in the operation of your agency.

CAP Plan allows you and your team to monitor, manage, develop, improve, and evolve compliance and quality care solutions much easier and more successfully.