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Starting a home care business can be a challenge and overwhelming. 

The Consulting Company You Choose to Start Your Agency Matters. Explore below how to choose a consulting company that works best to help you achieve your home care business goals. There are key aspects that should be considered when choosing a consulting company. Let’s take the challenge out of your choice.

Consulting company profile

The most important criterion for selecting a consulting company is their ability to effectively fulfill on starting up your home care agency, providing education and training and adequate support to prepare you for passing your state, federal, and accreditation survey.


New agency owners need more initial support than existing agency owners. More established consulting companies that are committed to assisting their clients have a live person that answers the office phones or returns phone calls and emails within 24 business hours.


The consulting company becomes an important extension of your agency and its success. Choose a company that offers a wide range of services and has experience in various fields to accommodate your agency with broader challenges and provide the right support when needed.

How does the consulting company communicate with the client?

The main factor here is communication with the client. The client needs to be provided with complete knowledge of the startup process, resources, and a point of contact within the company. Having a single point of contact is more convenient for the client to make critical comments, obtain feedback, and provide communication for any problems that might arise.

What kind of references does the company have?

References are very useful. A good practice is to review the references of the company you’re considering for overall satisfaction.

What is the price-quality ratio?

The final criterion for selecting a consulting company is to assess the value of money being charged. Saving money only to experience delays or fail your agency survey is not the best option for any owner. Therefore, consider the choice by considering the scope of the project, financing options, and the company’s expertise.

Starting a home care agency is a 3 to 6-month process and may require a consulting company recognized with leading expertise in the home care industry.

Choosing to work with a renowned (and, possibly, more expensive) consulting company that is reputable with brand strength can be another decisive factor.


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