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Agency Startups
Over 20 years of expertise in the health care industry
Our Success Consulting Services and our fail-proof startup process enable our clients to consistently achieve success with state, certification, and accreditation surveys. As industry leaders, the education programs and services we offer ensures compliance, increases the efficiency of day-to-day operation in preparation for growth and expansion, and connect owners with industry networking opportunities to strengthen relationships and gain access to cutting-edge technology in the health care industry.


  • Business Incorporation Filings
  • State License Applications
  • Employer Identification /Tax Identification Number [EIN/TIN]
  • CLIA Applications
  • National Provider Identification [NPI]
  • Change of Ownership Applications [CHOW]
  • PAS/PHC/CBA Contract Applications
  • Medicare Applications
  • Medicaid Applications
  • Revalidation Applications
  • Accreditation Applications & Preparation
  • Insurance Credentialing Applications [In-Network Approval]

Your agency’s path to success in achieving licensure, certification, or accreditation in your state is based on compliance with State, Federal, or Accreditation requirements. Ace Compliance Consulting Policy and Procedure Manuals are written and customized specifically for your home health care business in compliance with State, Federal, or Accreditation requirements. Our Policy and Procedure Manuals are guaranteed to help your agency achieve success during the survey. Our services, systems, and policies are highly recommended by the members of Texas State Surveyors.

Ace Compliance Consulting Policy and Procedure Manuals are approved by an expert with the actual agency ownership experience. Therefore, you can rest assure that systems, forms, policies, and procedures are effective, efficient, reduces paperwork, and maximize productivity.

We implement a fail-proof system for new and existing startup agencies that assure a complete understanding of the startup requirements in your State. “Remember a good house is not perfected without a good blueprint.” Let Ace Compliance Consulting provide you THE SUCCESS BLUEPRINT (The Foundation) for your company’s success.


  • Home Health Policy and Procedure Manuals & Systems
  • Hospice Policy and Procedure Manuals & Systems
  • EMS Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Personal Assistance Services Policy and Procedure Manuals & Systems

State licensing & Federal requirements

  • Chap, Inc.

  • Joint Commission

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  • Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

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Survey Success of 100%
50% Policy Manuals compliance
25% Client Record Setup & Documentation
25% Administrative Records & Documentation
We are the ONLY Company that provides a SUCCESS Manual with every New Startup.

The consulting company you choose to startup your business matters.
Choose wisely. Choose Ace Compliance Consulting.