What will be your role?

A home care coach will help home care agency owners set goals, create action plans, and develop strategic patterns. They will work closely with the agency to better understand their processes and experiences in order to offer ongoing support, accountability, encouragement, and guidance. Upon completion of our home care coach training program, you will have the tools, confidence, knowledge, and skills to help clients transform their home care agencies.

Our program at a glance

The home care coach training program at Ace Compliance Consulting will include orientations, training modules, coaching demos, and advanced training bonuses to help aspirants achieve a professional coaching career. The courses and handouts will cover fundamental home care information, such as the key to client transformation, what coaching really is about, and how to connect and manage home care clients.

Participants of the program will learn about:

  • Their role as a coach in the healthcare community
  • Coaching fundamentals
  • GROW model of coaching
  • Facilitation skills
  • Rules and regulations of Home Health Care agencies

What to expect?

The curriculum content will focus on the importance of coaching, what it means to be a coach, the coaching process, facilitation skills, and the agency rules and regulations.

The certification process will consist of 2 parts. First, a comprehensive knowledge assessment of all topics. Second, completion of coaching sessions and submission of a taped session for review.

Program objectives

At the end of this training program, participants will be able to:

  • Complete course curriculum with participants guide and slide deck;
  • Take a comprehensive assessment of all materials covered; and
  • Obtain a document outlining coaching requirements for certification.

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