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Legal Consulting Services
Our Legal Team fights for our clients

Effective operation and maintaining compliance in today’s competitive health care market is increasingly challenging for most agencies. In addition, ADR audits, insurance payment denials, and Medicare contractors such as Qlarant, and ZPIC leaves agencies facing the domino effect of recoupment, denials, license revocation, Medicare billing privilege termination, and administrative penalties.

Our legal team is ready to fight for the agency’s right to provide home care services and defend every owner’s interest against adverse actions, and penalties. When you combine over 20 years of expert knowledge in home care industry and over 20 years of expert legal experience, you get an extraordinary team of professionals driven by Success.

  • License Revocation
  • Payment Suspension
  • Payment Termination
  • Payment Recoupment
  • Reimbursement Disputes
  • Allegations of Fraud
  • Medicare Billing Privileges Revocation
  • ADR’s & Appeals

We have successfully represented providers with all aspects of defense of licensing penalties, revocations, fraud, OIG investigations and CMS appeals.

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