Finally, services are designed to support, empower, and inspire home care agency owners to achieve success in home care, operate with peace of mind to focus on patient care, and create a life they love.

Starting and operating a home care agency is rewarding, but it also comes with unique challenges specific to the home care industry. Agency owners have the task of reconciling the normal day-to-day agency operations with continuous regulatory changes, maintaining compliance with state, federal, accreditation rules and regulations, failed Medicare, Medicaid, or Insurance reimbursements, staffing challenges, and unannounced state and federal surveys, and revenue cycle management for success. We understand your challenges. Continue Reading

What have you accomplished this year – what went well or didn’t?
  • Start on a high note – no accomplishment is too small
  • Take time to celebrate
  • Note all activities
  • Compare what happened to the goals you set
    • Projects for clients
    • Invoices paid
    • Compliments received
    • Income goals reached or exceeded
    • Contracting help
    • Taking vacation
How did my spending directly impact my business goals?
  • Check to make sure your spending aligns with your values
  • Determine where your money went
  • Assess if the spending helped meet your goals
  • Get an understanding, so you can direct your spending in more impactful ways
What have you accomplished this year – what went well or didn’t?
  • Use the knowledge you gained to look towards the future
  • Call them priorities rather than goals
  • Remember goals carry baggage, priorities imply choice
  • Give yourself freedom to shift to what you want to do and put at the top of the list – this will help avoid feeling overwhelmed

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