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The word “Mock” means practice. The best way to prepare for anything is to practice. Preparing your agency and staff for survey ensures errors are identified before the surveyor sites your agency and leads to fail-proof surveys.

Mock Survey mimics the state, federal, or accreditation survey process in preparation for the actual survey. Identifying high risks areas out of compliance allows your team to generate and implement a corrective action plan that can also be incorporated into the agency’s QAPI process. Mock Surveys are Great training tools for new personnel including Administrators and Supervising Nurses (DON). (Vital for all New Agencies and general survey preparation)

3 Benefits of a Mock Survey

  • 1Reduced Tags=Reduced Fines
  • 2Identify Areasout ofCompliance
  • 3Assess Readinessto PrepareStaff for Survey

Ace Compliance Consulting Experts and Certified Consulting Team is skilled in preparing the entire agency operation for success during survey.

  • New AgencyDeficiency3 Tags IdentifiedFAILED SURVEY
  • Existing AgencyReport17 Tags IdentifiedFINED $141,775

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