Many home care agencies are started by word of mouth. To grow, you must increase your network and create a system for exposure to your target audience. Word of mouth may be effective in the beginning but is not always sustainable for long-term growth.

Here are some helpful tips to build your lead generation strategy.

Steps to affective lead generation

Step 1

Developement metrics Define your effective lead generation metrics.

  • Engagement type
  • Average contract value
  • Number of contracts needed
  • Annual revenue
  • Monthly revenue
  • Conversations needed

Step 2

Generation routine Determine what you most enjoy and ask:

  • Where does my ideal client congregate – in person & online?
  • How do I most enjoy meeting new people?
  • How do I most enjoy maintaining relationships?

Step 3

Gemeration mindset Adopt thinking that lends itself to success

  • Believe you’ll achieve results
  • Acknowledge doubt
  • Get comfortable with discomfort
  • Overcome second guessing
  • Commit to achieving the outcome

Developed by Melisa Lieberman, consultant, and host Grow Your Independent Consulting Business Podcast

Achieve Success in Home Care – Things to Incorporate

Create a strategic marketing plan and reflect on your goals. Develop a professional website and a Digital Briefcase to include business cards and brochures for marketing. It is pivotal to not look like a new, inexperienced home care agency. Make sure you also have social media presence for exposure. Finally, set up your agency’s operation for growth.

Let Ace Compliance Consulting

Develop your website, Digital Briefcase, and manage your social media. Success is one click away.
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